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denitis, and peritonitic bands and adhesions. That cellulitis

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tient, and her palpitation, were merely curious nervous symp-

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becomes epidemic, must find the soil for its growth and action

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compidatury (Gury, 1. c, tom. i, pag. 460.) Scavini (1. c,

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prefers this method to the excessive use of sponges, especially

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mouth or pharynx, though there was laryngeal stenosis, the prospect

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relief. The [till of Podophyllin and Hyoscyamus, heretofore

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it explicitly, as, I think, they should have done. Practi-

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we can in that way through the instrumentality of the Interna-

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commencing first with warm salt water, so as to thoroughly

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external exciting cause. He admits the value of a change to that

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only be obtained by close and long-continued study. The eye,

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ever; but, for the present, I shall not attempt to give you

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bury the dead man and had a grave dug and a cross made.

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required in danger of death, which then exists. (Compare

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sometimes a complication of functional or structural disease

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face cf the chest, or an aneurism ma} 7 be formed, or a tumor

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its four or five million inhabitants, it was only 19.9 a thou-

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rheumatism. But in true neuralgia of muscles, the pain is

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tion and effusion within the substance ot the cord; by white

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Recent Advances in Preventive Medicine. Abstract of the Address

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side, the face being drawn to the other. It is very rarely

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precox may be the explanation. This only enumerates a few

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