rheumatism, though it is so in a majority of cases. It is true
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because of the public spirit by which it has been prompted.
to correct vasomotor disturbances, and besides lessening a slight
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comparatively strong, but very nervous. His abdomen, in the region
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The diseases of this portion of the body have not been as
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cient discomfort to demand the services of a physician, my visits
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congestion of the cord, any reduction of the pressure of the
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fathers j even hereditary hypospadiasis has been observed
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for the action of other medicines, as may also some of the
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the parts supplied by it. In cases of neuralgic ulcer, having
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He asserts its positive value in allaying the pain and irrita-
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way. Care must be used in the employment of these agents,
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eased action. Thus it becomes an important means of diagno
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tives held in suspension with Mucilage or Oil. I have used
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for four days, during which time she had two antiseptic
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affixed to small things, that the general practitioner has great
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with heat, and now employ a small alcohol lamp to maintain
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checking the more copious bleeding, the wound should
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terrupt the view. The upper lecture-room is a semi-circular theatre,
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atropine to dilate eye eye stays dilated
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pect this complaint when you find a lustrous appearance of
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cellular tissue is cut off the further extension of the emphy-
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seded by the negative galvano-punctures. " No animal tissue what-
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that the only agent which satisfactorily replaces it is the fluid
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ladonna in small doses, and in six or eight hours, give a full

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