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be operated on, before delivery could be accomplished f for,
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the appetite is poor, and digestion feeble; and he has a cough
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places, but not on them. 2. Parts where large blood-vessels
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sorption ; and a material that can retain its condition but a
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have but little difficulty in recognizing the symptoms named,
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4th. In the chronic form of convulsive disorders, the inter-
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hairy skin (the tail-end to the upper-end of the bed), or
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scheme of the institution, a suburban branch was established
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general practitioner, and the proper management of the
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running its course to a fata! termination in rive weeks. The
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differs but little from that in the evening; or even that high
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as soon as the first paroxysm commenced passing off, we
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than he is to have that disease a second time. Medical men
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cough, and we will find many cuses in which irritation of the
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short time the eyes seem tumid and swollen, the unpleasant
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stools in twenty-fonr hours. If there is not at least one soluble
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are more directly concerned in the production of existing
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worse; the patient is much reduced in flesh; he has just suffi-
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have are not developed even as early as twenty-one.
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which we extract the following: Dr. Is . S. Davis has con-
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cases, it is retained to the amount of a few drachms, and then
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inches of radius from point of fracture toward middle, and
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panem aqua aid vino intingat et sic etiam octo uncias panis
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the difficult respiration when the will is in abeyance. If we ex-
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case, Brandy or Rye Whiske}' should be used to such an
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be sufficient. We appeal to the boy's pride and honor, as well
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getic officer. He has already done good work for the Profes-
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approaching coma or stupor. The short respiration, 'when
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every thing cotton, and in bed between blankets; perfect
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tube by a "Welter's double- bulbed acid safety tube," no
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The Nature and Treatment op Cholera Infantum. — Of 591
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the following proportions: — 1^ Salicylic Acid grs. x, Borax
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expectorants, as the Lobelia, Sanguinaria, etc., are. indicated ;
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our Committee if the duty of distributing the Canadian funds

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