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Solid matter may also replace the lung, and give rise to

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house of a patient suffering from scarlatina, a book which he recol-

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fect health, whereas, twelve days and four hours after the inocula-

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the eighth, much less to the thirteenth, edition. But the

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Abraham A. Sulcer, Riverside; Rush M. Coll., 111., Jan. 24, '86.

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sion of the mercury below, which ascends in the stem below

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oculated with its medulla, a third with that of the second, and so on.

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without a pain or an ache; or any symptom that could be

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The sympathetic nervous system seems to preside over the

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Prognosis. — In some cases, tubercles are deposited in bones,

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determined by its action on litmus paper, by its particles coag-

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October 6th he passed a fair night; less drowsy; optic-

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with a sharp stroke. There is pain in the forehead, usually

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position it held before the Act, but virtually to better it.

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General Treatment. It is very fortunate that a good general

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By G. A. White, M. D., Superintendent, Sacramento County Hospital.

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abdomen, which is much distended. The abdominal walls are

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try the Copaiba, Hamamelis, or even the Tincture of Canthar-

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constantly upon the subject, his imagination is so wrought up,

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oppressed, though sometimes weak and oppressed, and the

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anxiety of the patient and induced him to believe himself the

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specific contagion, the period of inoculation being from six to

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pleasurable — i. e., an absence of painful or unpleasant sensations.

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iting. The vomiting ceased after the performance of hystero-

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ten minutes, or a strong infusion of Capsicum or its tincture,

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doses with Sulphurous Acid, has been used with advantage,

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can sustain this opinion, I cannot understand. Generally

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ten to fifteen grains during the remission), with the effect of

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edge. The knot is tied and the long ends of the thread left.

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the hot months every year. From the description given, "how-

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enemy began to shell it.- I went out of house to see the shells

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wasn't a bit of brain in the skull, it was absolutely emptied and

muira puama herb studies

manifests serious lesions, as we should suspect from the symp-

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hard, and sometimes seem knotted; and the patient lies upon

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metamorphosis, fitting the material for excretion. The second

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tion of the patient, the intensity of the cause, and the state of

muira puama high blood pressure

screw, or else so much of the fluid is expelled beforehand

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opiates. The pinched features, the contracted alae nasi, con-

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limited outbreak of the disease in the north of London, found that

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