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mediately upon being armed with the proper authority and
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Finally, it may occur after poisonings ; especially after
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vessels of the meninges, pain will be a correspondingly severe
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efficient than the rectal injection. If sulphydrogen gas is
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prehend them, " we must know and understand the chemical
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ounces of chloroform to sufficiently impregnate the air of a room ten
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mortifications, which are not obligatory, but are of practice
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ticle, which is a source of annoyance from its size, its weight,
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hand, draw on it slightly, and, with the right index finger,
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acid applied and again dried, and then painted with gutta-
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Sulphate of Manganese is another excellent remedy, es-
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valvular apparatus. The principal of these organic lesions
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of semen. Independently of the quantity of the fluid,
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examination, of one sex, even should the general appear-
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most singular place, as in one of the deep peronei muscles,
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tages over quinine are described as follows: 1. It is much
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peated every half hour. In this class of cases I would sug-
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some pain and aching in the shoulder, the dorsal spine, and
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Dr. R. P. Lincoln reported a case of recurrent tumor in the naso-
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jaws are very common, also extensive injuries of the palate.
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frothy saliva, the forehead is often covered with cold per-
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The internal diameter of the cavity was from three-quarters to one
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pation and other conditions which tend to the production of
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and restlessness in the night; heat of the palms of the hands
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and may be used in place of the medicines first named. If the
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of copulation is not sufficient to effect the ejection. In a fifth,
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perineum and genitals, to be used on rising in the morning,
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creased circulation. In the other there is a soft, feeble pulse,
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increases for two or three days and the illusions are constant
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bility of fatal termination greater. Moreover, the same
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Strychnia may be used by hypodermic injection with great
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or highly alkaline, and, as will be shown, fallacies are likely

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