Reglan Infant

diately to the external use of mustard, for the purpose of restoring
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blacker it seems to become less and less vital, as is evinced
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de tempa [tempore] | minucionis . laus deo : [rubric]
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even the educated layman is able to recognise ; but it is not
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pearance of inflammation in the mucous membrane, and there is no su-
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Scarlet fever and other acute infections do not hold the
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Epistle Dedicatory as " Monseigneur le Due " gives us the date of the redaction of these tales,
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This MS., like the three preceding, seems to be a transcript of the yearly ' Calendars.'
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to know that medicine is a science of observation and consequent-
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of protracted diseases is an infallible sign of a fatal pathological
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reglan infant
In 1902, Harris"''* removed the whole prostate and prostatic
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prologue du liure de lart | de venerie et de chasse . [rubric] | (12, 2 r°. lines 1-6): E [similar
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should not be allowed in any form, until at least three weeks

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