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see persons in continued contact with cholera during an entire
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if not, I do not see any sin at all, not even a venial one.
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proportionately, in chloride of sodium and other salts. The
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out of such distinction. As we have in other places described
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throat, but in all there is the exudation at some period.
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kaline salts, indicated by the appearance of the tongue, is of
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Reports from Cities on the Pacific Coast of 10,000 inhabitants
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living n\ a malarious region, we would expect to use Quinia
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continue it until the pasty coat had entirely gone. But if at
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velopment. . . . Having reached a certain stage in their
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up for five minutes at a time, and used three times a day or
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was placed a Championnets' tweezers, close to the surface of the
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country than in the towns. If I refer to statistics which have been
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other diseases. Indeed, the laying down of rules for the taking of a
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quired. A tremulous state of the muscles, marked especially
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in a pouch cooked in five quarts of water, added -to the
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paralyses, or if they have not appeared, for tenderness over
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in diseases among the aged and save original research into both
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f he strong infusion of Peach bark given in quantities of two
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might be required. He deprecated the universal employ-
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one case, recently recorded, where complete obstruction had
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Herewith is a schedule of the operations noted for one day.
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Nnx is the remedy when the pain is associated with nausea,
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pricking, if the temperature is very high {color mordax).
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not interfere until the placenta had become separated, par-
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not to be used as a means of advancement for any one of its
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to life supervenes from a violent flooding, through an in-

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