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H. Thornton, Dr. W. G. Turner, Dr. J. C. Wiekham, Dr. W.
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matter should be set right for the credit of that fair play which
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the lithiated arsenical water which Martineau has recommended in
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we have those common to but one group, and at last to one
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stant desire to micturate, and is frequently attempting it, the
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frequency to each degree would be but six or eight, until the
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vania by Dr. Heyl, calling attention. to some results of recent
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were numerous cases on record where septicaemia had occurred
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gut, in all about seven inches, directly beneath the area of
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Toronto, on April 6th by the President and Council of The
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in educational work, having been a member of the Toronto
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it will have to be treated as for disease of the bone.
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revealed nothing abnormal beyond a slight metallic ring in the sec-
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watch the register to see how rapidly the mercury rises, as
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of the blood; 2nd, irritability of the muscular fiber of the
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Acetous Emetic Tincture, will answer the purpose well. I com-
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in by a marked chill or rigor, which is followed by febrile
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meat on days of abstinence — sometimes even people who
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proper sedative, and if there is the flushed face, bright ej es,
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favorable, if prompt treatment is adopted in the early stage.
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twenty-four hours. In consistence it is serous or watery in
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Digitalis or Veratrum can be occasionally employed in alter-
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been suffering from the urethritis for three weeks, and also had had
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