was readily returned to the abdominal cavity, but not having needles,
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Even in the graver forms of the disease, when the patient
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The correctness of these views being recognized more and
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for the judicious employment of such remedies as Podophyllin.
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from the left border of the vault and the left lateral wall of the
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of the temperature cannot be proved, is not an unfavorable
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we are met at the threshold by the fact that frequency of pulse
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of the mucous membrane, and thickening of the sub-mucous
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noidal lobe for abscess. The incisions made a Y-shaped flap
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ditions are here ubserved : fullness or tumidity, with relaxation ;
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of the patient is changed frequently; that the room is kept
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cian, not for disease of the lungs, which they can with diffi-
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— rather the tissue becomes fluid and runs away; this might
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ceded by a laminaria tent, which softens the uterine muscle and
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creant is at large, and the poor creature herself is in
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with dirty slime, or if such slime is seen swimming in its
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the past two years has been costly and productive of very
most arrogant and even impudent demands are made on
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possession by persons obtaining that qualification of
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The defense had issued subpoenas for the attendance of
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Asst. Surgeon S. T. Weirlick, relieved from temporary duty at Fort
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line diuretic should follow the diaphoretic. Frequently we
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the personal investigation of M. Pasteur's cases by members of the
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washes, during which the prepuce is drawn back, will pre-
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though in some parts of the country it is still prevalent. It
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and the udders washed before milking. The milk should be thor-
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bases of attachment are usually the corona, the sulcus coronalis or
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ing 01 symptoms, called typhoid. In some instances, it has
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little avail, as t lie structure having become atrophied will not

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