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are alternated with flushes of heat, which continue to become

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having suffered for some three years, and passed through the

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prius seminent (sed Jiaec ratio non suadet^ nam, si hoc per-

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larged, and the color changed from the smooth pink to a

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influence of a lascivious dream, and are attended by the usual

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this organ, unless it may be of the meninges, producing chronic

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or spiinil cord; but if we recollect that in disease of the kidney

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It is quite an amusing and edifying experience to be present

male extra vs prosolution

eyes have somewhat the old expression, they are not so prom-

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France, Austria and Switzerland, to take the place of these

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to the formation of tissue. And lastly, and most important,

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Beckwith and her brother, the champion swimmers of the

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Placing the patient in proper position with his back to a

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sometimes interrupted by broken sighs, or by deep catching

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Richard Thornton Rose, Pomona, St. Louis M. Coll, Mo., Mar. 19,70.

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mate and Apportionment failed to make any appropriation for

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A recent cable from Mrs. McLaren in London to Toronto

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commences, and if free enough exit for the discharge can be

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as a local application, as has also the Emplastrum Belladonnas.

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Shake well, and take one or two teaspoonfuls every three or

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disturbance in the organism as to threaten life. Some of

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many cases, we will find that the use of small doses of Aco-

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sooner or later defective sanguinification and nutrition.

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The remedies that I have employed to best advantage arc

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dealing with contagious diseases, corpses, or decomposing

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of tissue, either of the part affected, or of the feet, hands, or

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army. It is still believed by many that even this was cholera

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lias been thoroughly studied, it will be useless to theorize

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^astro-intestinal mucous membrane and associated viscera

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to heat the metallic plates of the clamp sufficiently to greatly

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to masturbation — declaring that pollution is a forbidden

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Epidemics, such as cholera, dysentery, etc., which are

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with dark blood, sometimes very much broken down. The

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In the Fall of 1882, the patient first came under observa-

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from Hamilton. He belonged to the 33rd Battery, 13th Bri-

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