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tial anaesthesia, and a hypodermic injection of Morphia.

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seminationem can be practised, is the interruption of the

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nosis of rheumatism, the swelling, heat, and peculiar charac-

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that the Provincial Medical Boards, Avhich do not already reci-

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dian Red Cross Society gathered at the Union Station on April

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pain, cold is applied. But part of the hemorrhoids are in-

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the existence of consumption 1 in the family history of appli-

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after being properly attended to, was also laid aside. Again

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sick headache. In both these cases the pain is sharp and acute,

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4. As far as known, chloroform in cases of kidney disease is

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derangement of the digestive organs, especially the stomach

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This will further the early detection of cases and the destruc-

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highly of. The dose will be about ten drops four times a day.

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the result of wear and tear of body and mind in old people,

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results, is that in external affections of the eye apomorphine

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only with boldness but with success. John Bell, in his work

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a healthy condition is attained : it goes beyond this to deter-

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gastric prodromata ; more frequently the attack was sudden. The

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influence of the lobelia, and when this becomes marked, we

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from the eighth to the eighteenth, inclusive, being represented. As

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prospective and retrospective in that connection. When

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impulse of the heart ; a small, weak, irregular pulse, and ex-

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103° or 104°, and the eruption appearing the second, third, or

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respiration, and frequent, small pulse can not be confounded

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