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than by suppuration. In one case we will find that the part
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much swollen ; and the mucous membrane being everted it
away, but no pus was found. For the remaining period, the history
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tures of the iirst twenty-four or forty-eight hours. If, there*
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fully established, was disposed of in the usual manner and
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ored. The solution which was greenish and clear will then be milky and
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ble short of fatigue, and the room well aired and sunned if
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formed with special reference to arterial distribution. The
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If of other parts, slight enlargement will be noticed, and the
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tuberculous solidification, and in the stage of hepatization in
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or Dover's powder ; salicylate of soda (.05 to .1) and naphthaline
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Gallic Acid in doses of from two to five grains is a good
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head and. two trunks ? If the separation exists only in
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The President said that it was a well-known fact that in the
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individual case. The pill of Nux Vomica, Quinine, Hydrastis
tation of the bowels and kidneys, w T e can not use the means
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pcnetratmiem, the demand of triennial experience is
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pation is always present. The physical signs are the same as

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