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Impaired action of the muscular coat will, undoubtedly, de-
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sis of tissue, and, as Liebig contends, is the immediate product
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viscera, and more rarely from cold. It may be confined to
are longinexx results permanent
applied to the nutrition of the textures, or serve any purpose
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solutions. These bathings astringe the throat and ease the pain.
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face, though sometimes it is observed as a metastasis of rheu-
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of a pigeon's egg, the larger ones being accumulations of the
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conjunctivitis was also treated. The vision became good
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with constipation. Chills or rigors soon make their appear-
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But I think we can point one out in which this anti-bilious
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and even the children who reach their full term often perish
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It may be interesting to add to these observations what Professor
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ties, sometimes centric, especially emotional, sometimes peri-
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ceding. The first is almost always associated with dyspepsia,
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of the disease is the fact that the redness is effaced by pressure,
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striction, and continuous desire to clear the throat, as if caused
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mania, wrote: " Upon a hot summer's day to enter a room in a rear
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the child presented by the head and the os was closed. We
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5. Pietas. Troublesome and exacting works of charity
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• 'Specially falls or blows upon the loins, from inflammation
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of digestion as a whole, or in the urinary apparatus.
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a brush in the morning, washes the eyes out with a sublimate solu-
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is headache, a foul tongue and disordered digestion, and may
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had one natural motion to-day, but no urine passed, and six-
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The white, or yellowish-white, pasty coat has reference especial-
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Imbeciles (semifatui) can receive, if they are able to
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Nux replaces ipecac if there is abdominal pain with pallor
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As to internal measures, I have used all that have been
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sisted on, though in the earlier stage of the affection, moder-
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and such other remedies as may be indicated, use the baths,
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a solution af acetate of potash in preference to all other means.
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named, I have employed the Compound Tincture of Oils of

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