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If a syringe cannot be had, it will suffice, in case of

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cases, in early menstrual life, the highest aim of conservative

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with ]^o. 4 General Hospital, were entertained at dinner by

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maintain, and was a source of irritation, Prof. Busch finally

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tubules, and pus, and in certain diseased conditions of the

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They are, nevertheless, for the most part innovations of an-

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On motion the President and Secretary were instructed to

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part in the discussion which followed the reading of Dr. Bryant's

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stance, in a case of pneumonia, you may give an emetic, ca-

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always foretell with certainty whether the death of a

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mushrooms, truffles, pastry of every kind, farinaceous food,

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disturb the night's rest, it is better to dress the wound at

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the perinseum," and by too early attempts to crowd the head

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mitti non possit : ptita si vir desisteret a copida oh peri-

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The rank and Hie of the profession at home was well repre-

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of some mild cathartic; I prefer Podophyllin thoroughly

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prostrated, especially after a paroxysm of coughing. The

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ing such instruments, we are only surprised that infection is

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over his troubles and diseases, and seems to feel no acute suf-

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infections, exert a morbid influence, and give a peculiar char-

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and that the State Legislature should be urged to enact such

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and arms with half the bosom exposed is nakedness without

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part still continuing hard ; and at last, when our patience is

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quently coma makes its appearance during the first remission.

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Reports from Cities on the Pacific Coast of 10,000 inhabitants

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generally less than a quarter of an hour, and often after

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of the affection. In a large majority of cases the voice can be

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in such a case, the delectatio is not a thing forbidden in

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weed out illegal practitioners. A similar distribution of the pre-

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ment of the digestive apparatus; or it may be that there is

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the lids we find the conjunctiva swollen and reddened, and

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