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Chronic ovaritis (especially inflammation of the albuginea, when

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the condition of the patient and the peculiar character of the

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cesses. It is important to bear in mind the ephemeral rapidly pass-

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sometimes find that Chloroform, 5j-ยป to Compound Syrup of

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the bowels by small doses of Podophyllin, or other special

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Yaginal antiseptic injections to be administered every four

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information. We have already seen that rheumatism may

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water, used to temper food, assumes the character of food, becomes itself

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these points of exudation, or several. As the disease pro-

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and as we have already seen, when it was general, affecting

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the same source and in the same way; that its nutrition is the

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diet, the above-named cooling drinks, dry fine salt (every

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the patient is confined to his bed, and can hardly change his

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the extent of the bronchitis. We distinguish it from the

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the Cure 9 by froper Deobfiruents^ isfet at nought^

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entirely different from those of their young days. The

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artery escapes in jets; it can be distinguished by this

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The third case is that of a woman of .28 years, who suf-

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present in the blood of scarlatinal patients in the early stages

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gradually increasing in strength, were usually made three times on

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hectic fever and night sweats are developed. The balsamic

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light and ventilation is unobtainable in bad weather, and

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originally lodged in the external parts, in the vagina around

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their removal, but in other cases they are vevy chronic When

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The question of the formation of branches of the National

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