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Then we have the case of irritable stomach, in which medi-

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cussion, must be taken into consideration. It makes no differ-

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deaf and dumb, and even to those who have been both

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ter-irritation near the affected part, when it is small and su-

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from erotic motives. Through custom, physicians become

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my friend, Dr. Milton L. Thomas, and from its action in the

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ducing the frequency of the pulse rather than the antipyret-

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Treatment. — In active dropsy I commence the treatment by

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matter (materia romota necnon proxima), the proper form,

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bearing interest at six per cent, per annum. With the pro-

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the Chlorate of Potash in doses of five grains. In some cases,

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the daily absorption of 5 centigrammes of salicylic acid is not injuri-

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subcutaneously the emulsions of spinal cords of rabbits which had

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diseases of the skin, drugs are powerless, when the fault lies in the

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Febrile action follows the chill, and is usually pretty severe.

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tation, and who, lastly, but most important of all,

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We do not obtain the advantages from the bitter tonics and

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events, corrupting to the air, to evaporate vinegar or aro-

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Tubercle consists of albumen, with some gelatine and fatty

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the intestinal walls were approaching a gangrenous condition.

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patient will go to sleep, and will awake refreshed. We can

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the deposit is in visible crystals; if the third, the deposit is

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possible moment. He discards puncture (tapping) on account of the

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Axillary artery. Between the anterior and middle third of the armpit, at

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and child. Abdominal seems to me preferable to vaginal sec-

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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to

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excess, the excretory organs have time either to detain for ultimate

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resulted in destruction of the cornea on the third day. M.

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