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where no further opportunity will be offered for the gratifi-
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certainly a sea- animal, a crustacean or a crab : which
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It is just the same if the remedy has an elective affinity for
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they seem due to the introduction of the canula, and may be com-
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ing interests, real or imaginary, are endangered, and obstacles
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absence or diminution of the renex as the indication of a grave con-
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uterine cavity to touch and sight. Dilatation may be main-
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growth and propagation, the principal of which is, an atmo-
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der. We may divide it with advantage into the following
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named in preceding pages. The diet should be regulated
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are admitted are very reasonable. For students the charges for
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finger, but medianfe penicillo. Of course, I do not deny
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Treatment. — The treatment of Diabetes insipidus is gener-
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Rotunda treatment of tight packing. When the membranes
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are certain, and that is, if there is the slightest evidence of
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fretful ness, with indisposition to sleep, and frequent startings
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that, in addition to the reduction of the fever, those cases of
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in the form of inhalation, injection, or snuff. An inhalation
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evident symptoms of disturbance of the circulation that it is
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out by the physician, and pierce the needle of the syringe
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or variability of purpose, and distressing anxiety respecting
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addition to these means, one drachm of Gallic Aciddailv.
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phases of it, and to certain means which are of more than
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short time. The last note made by me was as follows :
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from haemorrhage, and if it does occur, it may be readily dealt
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success is that which improves digestion, the elaboration of the
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value as to be of no material advantage. The after-effects from
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greater than that after the ordinary method : for among 624 patients
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Inflammation of the parenchyma of the lungs is a disease
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the Rabbi who. performed the operation revealed incipient tubercu-
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treat it with Nux Vomica, gtt. v. of the tincture to 5'iv. of
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flattened, spherical, or cylindrical. Hence he infers that there
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while 863 families were surrounded by bad hygienic influences or
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large majority will die. If taken at the commencement we
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It may, hence, be deemed certain that M. Pasteur has discovered
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those only that are used ut simplices potiones. Of these
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The clinical applications of this theory are very important.
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surgeon was never justified in interfering with a morbid growth of

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