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the result of holding both arms of the child, and shaking it to stop its

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cutaneous fascia, resulting, as explained, from imperfect absorption of

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this extract may prove of more value in other types of cases where the

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surface lesion. There are no signs of any considerable loss of function.

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hygiene is largely by lectures, but sources of artificial ultraviolet radia-

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the state of the bowels. A mild purge is advisable in ordinary cases.

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would be wasting and the reaction of degeneration present. In some cases the

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Gunsberg's and Boas'. Gunsberg's solution is composed of phloroglucin,

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The finest of cloths — all the best of British weaves

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passages, by inhalation of the fumes during the smelting of the ore, or by

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Such cases are very exceptional. Under treatment, hygienic, climatic, and

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of the length of the fyringe -, nor has he fo much at

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time had probably not elapsed in the cases in the last decade to allow for

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shortly before the meal, will prevent the cough and vomiting. In other

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sibility, and also on account of the enthusiastic reports of its use

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is found soft and fluctuating. The abscess sometimes ruptures spontane-

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number of granular leucocytes of varying degree dependent upon the

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the lowest part of the cavity. These pains may often be aggravated or

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cases the malady remains latent and is only discovered accidentally at the

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in which the symptoms ceased, or very markedly diminished, when the

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inflamed thereby, that ii%is impoflible to ride the

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and confequently to aflift their fattening.— 1 have

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ou e"Tino!-d:t- "'"• °' '"^""^"'°^'^- ^^^ '"^■"""'^^ -"f-'d b7a thor:u;h

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removal of the fluid is of no benefit to any of the other symptoms. Lately

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stopping dilantin and switching to keppra

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for as high a price as our befl j although this was

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acid with the formation of the same gases. The acetic acid fermentation,

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effects must be watched. The application of cold to the head, a mixture

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alfo on its larger Iflands, where they have increafed

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them to sell or convert suspected meat into hams, sausages, and pies.

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on the side of the nervous system that they are most observed. Motion

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Canadian and Ontario medical men, in ]iarticular, should make

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primary healing in over ninety per cent, of cases and no secondary

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specialists — include the suppression or diminution of this stn-n-

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all came originally from hot climates, is a fa<ft fcarce-

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