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condition of the atmosphere, as regards moisture and tempera-

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sis or arrest of secretion, we may have a forming stage of sev-

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If, therefore, sudden death is from these degenerations of tis-

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ploy the phosphates in the two cases above named, as well as

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Dear Ed. — We are half way through our turn. We now

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" 6. Lateral hemiopia, with moderate loss of power in one-

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lead the practitioner to suspicion spermatorrhoea as the cause,

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prominent cause, Syphilis, also, not unfrequently affects the

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.•^nd it should therefore be removed as soon as noticed (especially in the

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He recommends it especially in chronic endometritis, in

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probable or unmistakable signs of death may not show

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phite of Soda in doses of ten to twenty grains every three or

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fered fearful gastric pain, and Anally vomiting, which were

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the median line, we enter a large cyst containing a thick, smeary

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Epidemics, such as cholera, dysentery, etc., which are

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by their weakness, or by the delirium of fever. The

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person sufFeriiig from chronic disease is near, or yet remote.

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gated, the patient will recover. In some cases of intussuscep-

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and night sweats, and a dull, throbbing, tensive pain. These

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once formed, must never be broken. If the bowels fail to act

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should be carefully guarded against, as we not unfrequently

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Treatment of Hay Fever.— Sir Andrew Clarke selected as the

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ing the bedside. The patient generally complains of a sense of

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volved. The cause of the obstruction may be, contraction of

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placed between blankets. Subsequent bathing will depend

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pox, (varioloid) we will find a remarkable difference. In this

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in the lungs, as long as it is confined to the bronchial tubes,

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F. Koenig lays down the following rules in regard to inflammatory

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behind the milk tooth. Until then the follicular cavity is quite

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Accurate alphabetical copies of these rolls kept by the per-

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time, but more especially after the dura mater has been

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remove the fluid with the syringe titted to the trocar. In

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the stomach, as if it was contracted upon itself (cramps of the

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