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but is met with in other public speakers and in singers, and


the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, at Berkeley, Cal. By

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will be of more value to the advanced student than to the prac-

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intrinsa 300 mikrogramm 24 std.pflast.trans

up the largest contingent for the treatment by salve mulls. In de-

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Quinsy is a disease of the cellular tissue of the fauces rather than

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previous to the commencement of the disease. In some cases

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hand The article occupies 82 pages, and has annexed four tables

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by Dr. H. W. Nelson, for the removal of an encephaloid

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stone floor ; during summer, the difference from the tem-

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Societe de Ther., p. 22, vol. xvii), reported his experiments

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hungry ; the sweats cease completely ; the bacilli become daily less

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The sibilant and sonorous rhonci are heard in cases where

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ing the lips and the tongue. Admit as much fresh air as

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Veratrum. Veratrum is the remedy where the pulse is full,

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flamed surface. If the disease has progressed for sometime,

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past year, although the disease has not been produced by

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in treatment, whether by dilatation or division. Where re-

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fession. At first a stimulant and heating treatment was pur-

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gives additional efficacy. Ten grains of Pepsin to a half glass


elected to preside over the Toronto School Board as well as the

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eases as zymotic. Regarding the germ theory, his latest observa-

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diminishing the quantity, etc., of urine passed, as Opium.

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I have made during my present stay in this city. As up to date

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from an institution on Staten Island, on account of an exist-

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to be evident ; but this is not the case, for the deficiency may

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