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period the cough has been dry, or, if any expectoration, it is
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Diagnosis. — Usually we have to take the patient's word as
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from disease of some organ or part receiving an investment
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Potash, also Nux Vomica with Hydrastia as heretofore named.
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of innervation associated with wrongs of the digestive appa-
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to refuse. For the very reason mentioned before, namely,
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It will not be necessary to refer again to the causes of these
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many lately — has given me more satisfaction than your parade
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do not reach it. Here we will have to employ a syringe,
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ing the necessary help under these difficult circumstances.
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forms, irritation and atony. The first, as we have already
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Quinine having a nauseous taste, we find it necessary for the
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tory rheumatism, sub-acute rheumatism and chronic rheuma-
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climates, most frequently manifested by symptoms of irritation,
intrinsic value
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and shortened ; the flexor muscles overbalance the exten-
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liave a building perfect in every way for the purposes of the
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The tincture of Aconite, in small doses, should be regularly
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time in play, as they should do, their minds are precociously
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system, and finally delirium or coma, the disease frequently
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been made, contains six per cent, of cocaine and a sulphate of
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suffers severely. Usually the face is pallid and contracted,
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i'reelj', to the extent of a pint or more in a short time, for an
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mate and Apportionment failed to make any appropriation for
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oleate of aluminium. The strength of medicinal agent in this form
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treatment, vomiting did not occur. The depth of the uterus
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easily spared him, with a little care on the part of the attend-

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