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name them, for the reader will recall a class of stimulants to
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To accomplish this we resort principally to hygienic measures,
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noticed frequently for six months. In many cases, at the time
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Symptoms. — Acute inflammation usually affects but a small
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The recent visitation of small-pox in the southern counties
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Post-mortem examination detected the existence of large clots
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to provide a banquet for the visitors. We express the opin-
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An attack of this headache usually comes on with a sense of
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dications. The reverse of this is productive of fully as serious
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sulted. But I protest against the view that makes those
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admitted by the best observers that cholera is produced by
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and of polite literature, as well as medical and technical.
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disinterred, an autopsy performed, and a dog and a rabbit were inoc-
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used at the commencement of the disease to profuse diapho-
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gia, or involving both hemispheres, will occasion general
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healthy lives. They are unable to direct and control their
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Spotted fever has prevailed in this country to a very con-
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grains every hour until the urine is evacuated. This agent is
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a plugging of, or effected an escape from the lymphatics until
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The hypodermic injection of warm water is permissible in
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effigy, medicine was conspicuous by its absence. The name
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have been better, if I had had time and strength to have
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various causes, the ages varying from 18 to 44 years. The drug was
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case, and by the fact that we are able to determine that there
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for the necessary optical and spectroscopical examinations in con-
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astringents, as the case may demand. As an example of such
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