Hugegenic Pills

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under the misleading and overworked term of endometritis. In
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teaspooni'ul of the compound syrup of the hypophosphites
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bowels, small doses of Podophyllin and Leptandrin, or infu-
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leaves behind it a more or less exhausted state of the brain ;
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mote the mutual love of man and wife, such as oscula^
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amputate) under careful antiseptic precaution, and try to save the
cost of hugegenic
resprinkled twice a day. In children it is a most excellent
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cination. A physician practising on "an island in the tropics, a
hugegenic how to use
and the retention of effete material in the bowels occasions a
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Levaditi in a study of the disease in Sweden found evidence
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ing the pus, to inject Tincture of Iodine, 5\j> with Tepid
hugegenic pills
having received a fall or blow sufficient to have produced con-
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a small quantity in the water makes it more palatable, and
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Hysteria was once considered, and there are not wanting
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this purpose, which answers well, being speedy, certain, and
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not painful. It consists of a small cupped stylet, thrown by a
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half a drachm of the agent is usually considered about the
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last becoming fixed and constant, he sees curious shapes and
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Subcutaneous or hypodermic injections. These are some-
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vention of malaria has been exploited to the utmost^
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hugegenic does not work
tion, and we commend it to the careful consideration of mem-
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convulsions of infants, and of women during pregnancy
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has taken place. The sputa being suppressed, or not procura-
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or congestion of the bronchial tubes, and at others, upon
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whether he believed membranous croup and diphtheria to be identical.
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try hugegenic aff
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committed in this respect, — mistakes which are not seldom
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moved ; 2. The terror often excited in children, especially when as-

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