By this I intend to designate an acute inflammation of all

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change the simple fever into a complicated disease, which, if it

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a short time, or it may continue for several days, or even

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difficulty, that ignorance should continually prate about dis-

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nurses, too, are not confused in their junior year by

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Like many other obstetrical interventions, delivery of the

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sary because preventable. The causes of diseases and the means of

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remedies we give with the sedatives in the usual doses.

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The eruption comes out first ou the face, neck, and breast,

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one may be given every three or four hours. If there is con-

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That the disease is contagious, in its severer forms, I am well

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ultramarine blue in 15 per cent, gelatine; for stereoscopic

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As an external application, I prefer the irritating plaster,

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times there is irritation of the stomach, with nausea and vom-

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this treatment, and the published results are not convincing.

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etc., may be given to promote the vomiting. Generally,

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by being taken from the cow or otherwise handled by


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of the blood. As the color deepens, we may regard the septic

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as possible; and third, to shorten the duration of the disease.

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performed because delivery is impossible in any other way.

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flammation is thus controlled, we find less suffering, greater

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occur, we have only to add a sufficient quantity of an alkali

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the paralysis. These cases are usually temporary and readily

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rare — so rare, indeed, that few have ever seen a well authen-

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see only one thing in a patient and deliberately overlooks what

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