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presence of these tumors in the pregnant uterus, but I have had

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be used in acute cases. The patient should have full doses of

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The deep-red, slick tongue, showing through a film as it were

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omnino non est seminatio feminae. This has been demon-

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scalding; the color is very vivid; the surface is glistening;

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irrational and useless in all cases and undoubtedly hurtful in

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of a foreign body would explain the fact of a perforation without any

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be trusted to absorb excess of fluid. Strict adherence to

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Stress has been laid upon the necessity of generating the car-

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tion between healthy and blind portions of the field vertical,

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times the case, it is ordered to be taken at meals.

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But the most important step yet remains The scaling cuticle is

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to this theory, the lateral or external parts of the retinae are

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treatise, and Venereal Diseases, which are deemed to belong-

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it with a speculum, to determine if there is not structural

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the tumor with a needle carrying a double thread ; or, in some

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inclination to shorten as much as possible the time of rest,

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Virchow, after an extended examination, pronounced to be

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education, domestic peace, and whole well-being, may be

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employed thoroughly, and though they may have so mitigated

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inferior recti muscles. The optic nerve will be found, and the re-

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Gallic Acid in doses of from two to five grains is a good

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Acetate of Potash, o-iven lar^elv. diluted with water, will do

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accomplish anything, there must be a total and radical

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In some cases the fever continually recurs at an earlier hour

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