Furunbao Azul

the sexual cycle, much valuable information may be gained as

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gation, that the disease in the animals had produced, through

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trembled. He showed a peculiar impediment of speech, us-

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parts above are involved in the inflammation, become swollen,

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no special instruction. The pai'ish priest is indeed obliged to instruct mid-

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see that the whole current is dark in color, and diseased in its

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same time, in a locality; but more frequently it will maintain

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seemed to me, has accomplished more in this disease than all

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wards and outwards for the remainder; the rise and fall of the

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or seems to dart through the part in a direction opposite to

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to those in other forms of fever, indicating gradual arrest of

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with the necessity of avoiding all sources of irritation.

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would have escaped as well as they. In St. Louis it was

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known. He swabbed out the vagina and uterus carefully

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specific. We use the ointment of Uvedalia as a local remedy,

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heroic measures. There is no new method of treating hydrocele.

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with fistulous pipes passing to the surface; in some cases a

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ceous food. Where there is evident feebleness in the heart,

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There is no morbid sound, unless the patient is somewhat

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with the large plexuses and gangliae of the sympathetic nerve.

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gating it to others. The miasm contaminates the air, and in-

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subserve, and is more or less independent of the other. The

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placed on a lounge or hard bed, in the center of a cool room.

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and Caille, in doses of .2 to .5 of a gramme, with bismuth, chalk

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iioculent pus; and if we examine it, we will hud the walls

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ture of the lung. In some cases we find no trace of organi-

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is uncomplicated. If local disease should arise in its progress

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as, for instance, the favorite breaking of the clutched

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