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the Board. Surely if the Board must have a fever hospital in
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these ocular palsies may be bilateral, as for example, double ptosis.
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In many cases patients are taken with thermic fever while they
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Sciences, vol. cxvi., April 24th, 1893. I must, however, say
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then contracts upon itself. Dilatation of the stomach, therefore, is
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siemedwel! fop over eii^hteen months, when sliortly before Christinas,
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Unfortunately, as is usually the case with diabetic hospital
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by slight fever; if not, with the general symptoms of having caught a
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ophthalmology. However, as the author says in his preface,
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Mr. Robson, in reply, said the patient should certainly first
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by Hetter in ISSO. Professor Richet and M. Ilanriot have
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vessels are subject to lesions entirely of their own kind; namely, in the
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Leicester. Numerous cases again developed iu Halifax last week, and
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industrial insurance companies medical aid associations have at least
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arithmetic, and Latin. This work is intended to be a guide
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Alabaster and others, Tibbils )' , 368,423, 436; v.
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pains may first affect the limb of one leg and then the other, or the
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One of the commonest causes of neurasthenia is from sexual abuse
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aries induced the United States Government to remove the Indians
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some instances appear to be encrusted by them. The treatment of
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first place, he thought the certificate issued by the Registrar-
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necrosis, it should obviously be adapted to the particular
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will put the student not merely on the benches of a lecture
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during which the patient seems to be in good health, he is suddenly
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These questions, suggested by bedside experience, show that the
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ul( cnitioii. If the case has been at all chronic, the symptoms already
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revival of symphysiotomy, as it has hitherto been so widely
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changes observed in association with the clinical manifesta-
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tion of tinnitus and deafness, which may be relieved by dealing only
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We can also speak of "over-production" in those forms of glyco-
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With susceptible people mere change in the rate of breathing will
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ccmdition of the lower bowel. For this puqx^se a prescription of 4
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Communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the
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These liver guDMnata may even be mistaken for cancerous tumors.
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Vice-President for Xottingliamshire : Mr. Evan Powell. Branch
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Disturbance of the muscles which move the eyeball, and which are
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ing to give a certificate when, in his opinion, improperly re-
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from actual acidosis. Efforts to counteract this addity by large doses
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President: H. B. Hewetson, M.R.O.S. Vice-Presidents: E.
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bridge the awful distance between heaven aud earth.
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Bab<es, Fancourt, M,D., F.R.S.Edin. Case of Lithotomy in the Female
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becoming cold and rainy further aggravated matters, and the
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secretion. Five grains of resordn in solution with tincture nuds vom-
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joint. In pleurodynia, the whole hand is pressed firmly to the side,

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