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even without thyroid medication. Hemorrhages sometimes occur in the

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may be of very varying degree, and may occur with or without marked

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,1 few niiiiutt's ami tlicii (illiiiK Ihc IniisTs \itli ().,, n|)iii'a laslccl I'lir liijlit

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load of CO, at the end of expiration, and a miiiimnni tension and load

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vl.iires of di'^estion |iroteiii eomliines with iiicreasinir (|nantities of the

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The disease was named after a Danish physician, J. Thomsen, of Kap-

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C,i nf the IiIihmI (see pa-re •>"J). it cnuhl Im' readily shown, as is cviddi'

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the (/((((/ load (d' the circulation that is, the i)rcssure that is constantly

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The patient b entitled to know the necessity of care as to his future mode of

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gravity is rather low than high, the coloring matter not always increased.

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various .liliiti.uis at wlii.-h A is nieasure.l. Kr..iii "hut Ims l...eii sai.l c

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M>liitioii, ami, thfivforc, raJMCs the prrssiiic in tl,,' almu»|ih.'r<- of tl

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iiiiives in the (lirccliim in which the valve permits it to move. Such ai

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an' immersed, from which it is clear that wc can readily det.'rminc the

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until the forty-seventh year; it may occur early in life and then disapp^r,

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|>iil;illi'i witli tlic iiil.'iisity i.t' inotrin iiu'liili.ijisii).

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diseased part, which helps to give its specific cha-

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to his book on Fever, &c. pages 494, 500, 527, 529, and 533.

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study of the blood, and, if necessary, a prolonged one, will in all cases lead

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I"'''^''"' r '*'""<■ e..nstitui'nl of till' l>ioo.| plasma is essential f..r th.-

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resort finca rosa blanca coffee plantation and inn

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as Bircher describes them, and Berry has done the same in England. The

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one or both of the lobes or the isthmus to the thyroid cartilage, hyoia bone,

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Ttaatment. — The treatment is purely surgical. If there is no evidence

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limits; but many people have naturally, or acquire, a great instability of

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especially, are affected. The deposit of new bone on these bones is more

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Mire of tiiis <:as. then l>y ehanniii',' the value of x to correspond to other

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of the chronic form there may be intercurrent acute attacks. However, it

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Gittermann looks upon it as characterbtic of the condition.

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I have myself observed formed within the coagulum in the cylin-

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diffused over the surface of his body j the appear-

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are not to be shaken. Every applicant should have a fair chance in the way

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by Striimpell in 1896, and Campbell and Bramwell in 1891. Oppenheim,

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ralgia, and exophthalmic goitre. In the last-named disease, erythema,

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marked muscle atrophy. Circulatory symptoms have been described in

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of rheumatism, and is sometimes supposed to be gout, is in reality a very

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or less completely. At the same time there is increased growth of cells from

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All the skin anomalies are worse in cold seasons. Soft, gelatinous pads,

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The pigmentation of pregnancy, not only on the areolae, median line, and

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will, HI 1,-iililll 11 I'l l: Kll.ii lilSlllAKiait ! Mil,. III. TK.MrKnx-

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thrsi' all' in a stair nf ri|niiilii'iiilii with I'ai'h nihil'. This ripiililiriiiiii is

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colon forward and inward. The central region, besides uterine and ovarian

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