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2500 a day, but according to Naunyn this can often be reduced without

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vicilin from peas {Pisum sativum), legumin from the vetch (Vicia

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cover-glass and measuring the droplet expelled. The liquid is

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sition to this condition, which in the absence of more definite knowledge

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considerable amounts only in the spring and summer of 1908; and

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native soldier is very inferior to that of the European ; their huts

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Applications of ice may be tried if there is local inflammation. In

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water or ipecac to induce vomiting, and apply leeches or cupping to the

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the curve with the patient's leukocytes instead of normal leukocytes.

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kocytes and by disturbing the equilibrium of their colloid solution

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guinea-pigs which had been sensitized with a watery extract of peas reacted violently

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severe pangs — " stabbing, boring, shooting like lightning, flitting

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In this method, the least troublesome I know, the expense of each bath

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the first ; that, therefore, ceteris paribus, a face position is easier

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(headache, sense of confusion, giddiness, often the typical fear of falling

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on the table, from Messrs Coxeter, London. It contains 100 gallons

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tions of these women long before their confinement; but in the

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the therapy; but foods very rich in carbohydrates (sugar, sweets) should

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13. Wherever roads have been carried through a district, great

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Tabanids cannot be held responsible for the transmission of this

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question as to the mode of entrance of the bovine type of bacillus

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temperature of 104° F. On the fifth day after inoculation, one

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degree of specificity both with active and passive sensitization. Holobut^^ found that

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ing the process of desiccation, the temperature in the lower half

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Some authorities — particularly the French — recommend still larger doses,

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wrung-out blanket and then in a rubber blanket. During this procedure,

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currence and is rarely of serious import all those who have had much

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parison between and the relative advantages and disadvantages of the

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eases of the blood and during certain phases of other diseases. With

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slapping, the muscles to be treated are hit either with the tips of the

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tions of the mucous membrane, led me to believe that a third com-

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and the organisms, like those used in the other methods, sprouted

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