Femalegra Test

daily inhalations of fluorhydric acid vapor. The results obtained

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to speak here of the mode of application. The materials

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taste in the mouth, nausea, ineffectual efforts at vomiting, and

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pennies and nickels of diagnosis; and are, he declares, often

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issue certificates as far as permitted to members of the Society

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a soreness of the respiratory apparatus, as if bruised, sugges-

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lesion, in his opinion, is best advanced by cleanliness, the

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employed with advantage. In using it, two ounces of strong

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soon resuscitated, considerable membrane being ejected j an hour

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may also be used. If it is at night, the child should be im-

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waru'ed a little ; if, in case of very severe cold, baptism is

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believe we may state that it is always most fatal on its first

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1750, that it received the cordial support of the medical pro-

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he believed in free irrigation, particularly where injury had

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dies, in addition to tonics and Iron, I know of none better

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sporadic cholera, or cholera morbus. It has been claimed by

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in the war in South Africa, and has built up a more than local

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The degree of contraction, and difficulty of respiration from

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ally the pain will be so severe that we will control it with a

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returned and inquired if he had picked out a horse. The trader

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In the first seven cases, which were left un bandaged, degen-

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quality of the blood. Frequently these can be selected with

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mobile as before. In other cases there is marked enlargement

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Bryonia is one of our most frequently indicated remedies.

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two hours, or in place of this, the Bicarbonate of Soda, or

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