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any character, unless it endangered the life of his patient. Since

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its appearance, in the shape of patches of efflorescence, upon

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the thorax as the seat of the disease, the crepitant rhoncus in

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In doses of a teaspoonful in Syrup taken at night, or in severe

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season. It is most convenient to vaccinate from the crust or

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and pelvic troubles diminish, the periods become natural, health is

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was not large, but it must be remembered that the trip to

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Prognosis. — By our physicians in the South, the prognosis

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considerable size exist, descriptive of the injuries of a single

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from the bowels, attended with tormina and tenesmus. At

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An examination of the pulse will show an enfeebled circula-

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which paves the way for the inception of more serious dis-

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than by suppuration. In one case we will find that the part

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is Santonin ; it may be given in doses of from one to three

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any character, unless it endangered the life of his patient. Since

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of water by the kidneys. A very good diuretic, though not

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