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gas; the water level shows on the scale* the amount which has been injected.

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Nitric Acid. Among the positive remedies used in the cure

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by mad dogs or venomous serpents, because the part of the

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and thorough action. It should relieve the depression of the

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arthritis of infants." The obstetricians are thus entirely

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employed with advantage in some cases. When there is

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ance of any matter within the covers of a publication, con-

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times, tempiis gestationis very often, predisposes females

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the Fallopian tube, and, as a direct consequence of its pres-

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one side a sharp spicula of bone pressed against or into the optic

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begins to be arrested in the lungs — or, in other words, the

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to again recur; still some cases may be permanently cured.

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Tragacanth, every half hour. Digitalis is used by some prac-

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of tissues. A very good way to give it is to add a teaspoon-

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good standing, who has attended the person just prior to death, and

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eases wq are called to treat, and though some may recover, a

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circulation being vigorous, especially in the skin, we could use

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