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tion of one of the above slaughterhouses was so poor that Inspection has been withdrawn

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blended tobaccos. See if your throat doesn’t find Camel’s

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ardeau; Morris B. Simpson, M.D., Kansas City; Robert

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not with dictators. We have faith in the people and

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siiiiiller thiiii the usiiiil .|iiiiiitity. The eoexisteiiee of iiiliilutory imd ex-

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should have all the large vessels ligated with string which has been

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caused by its stay in the body of an animal which is relatively re-

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disc will swell and this bulge vrill become less marked. If, on the other

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cannulated. The outflow of urine from the left kidney in one hour was

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must be accepted unhesitatingly by both parties. If the three arbitrators form

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only one. As spring approached, the two groups tended to lay more equally;

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ican Medical Association shall not be effective at any interim

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use. They have more weight than sugar mules, but not quite so much

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disease or illness is found, the physician shall so re-

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xati.ni that, affr the r.mi.>\ai ..f the a.lr.nal -ian.ls. stiniulatmn of tin'

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souri State Medical Association for the year 1947 and pre-

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o Saltpeter is allowed pending a very full investigation to determine whether

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cases occurring during each month. In some instances, however,

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County ; thence northerly and easterly along the western boundary of Patrick County

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restless and nervous, did not seem able to find a comfortable position ;

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Intermission to View Exhibits — 10:20 to 10:30 a. m.

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the left utero-ovarian ligament and are probably a direct extension of the

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Kennedy, M.D., Marshall; C. Edgar Virden, M.D., Kan-

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at the University of Missouri. They should have this

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18. Simmons, Charming C.: Cancer of the Breast, Ten Yeeir

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and later still, in favoiable cases, by Mexion at knee nnd hip. Tn these

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111 .inl.i- (.1 llii-(.\ lui-tlH-i- li'jlit "11 111'- .|ii.--t!..ii. Ill ■ : ..> 1" ■'fill' '

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and bruises his head, though a deep coma soon renders him quiet until

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dineffi. The crista supraventricularis is unusually prominent and

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,.,,nii;.atl..n .if tin' IH-.-'h "f Hi.' nn.t.u' mots I.v Hiulin- uhat .ni.s.-l.'-

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the upper portion of the abdomen gives a high pitched tympanitic note;

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plasma. The pedicle of the papilla is shown at the left side of

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adhere closely to these cells or a basement membrane. The papillae,

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