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ing the greatest pain, tepid dressings of chamomile tea are
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and the pain relieved by the administration of the milder
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hemiplegia, is probably due to lesion of the caudolateral part
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that only. He wished that the paper had been more practical. It
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though as the disease progresses, it affects the deep-seated
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Treatment. — A very careful examination of the patient, as
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ihe vessels passing to it are seen to be enlarged ; there is a
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slightly increased, with tendency to coldness of the extremi-
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coming constipation. An emetic administered once or twice
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liability to scabies or ring -worm, and may even increase the
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When the disease has progressed for some days, and the blood becomes
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1721, by Lady Mary Montague, who had witnessed its success
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germ theory in the explanation of the morbid processes attending
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and his body inclines a little forwards. His walk is at first
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with which it has been long getting out of harmony ; or a
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Boegreheld and Kuester have recorded similar cases. The cisterna
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taken from our pocket cases. If the diarrhoea is somewhat
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dertaking are proceeding in strict accordance with ethical
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larged and painful, and in some exceptional cases they have
emla leadership
Collected Papers hy the Staff of St. Mary's Hospital, Mayo
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his assistants ; adjoining to the right are several of various sizes,
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blood. Or they may be made to bite, by moistening the
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Examine the cervix, being careful not to injure the ovum.
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the awful suffering now being endured b}^ their con-
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he obliged to hinder*the emission ? Most moralists say no,

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