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their deposit in various structures, principally the skin ana

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have here the causes that lead to a prolonged and severe type

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having actually traversed the vertebral column is more com-

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the action is more marked. In cases where digitalis, convallaria

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accompanied by swelling of the superimposed parts, which

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anesthetic. But the staff are too much engrossed in get-

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nutrition of textures; and we find that the retention of this

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being sulky-tempered. A third describes the boy as normal but

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vanced stage of the disease, Quinine inunction is beneficial.

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it may be checked by the finger alone. In children, ex-

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treatment of acute disease, I recognize a condition in which

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frequently mistaken for hemoptysis, but here the darker color

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Ventilation. It is very difficult to get good ventilation in

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Did not think that ergot was ever applicable in abortion;

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pound Powder of Jalap and Senna, or the same may be used

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seat of the obstruction, it may last for three or four weeks.

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other in their general features, so that after determining its

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diseases are almost always chronic, and the cough is also

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is fully developed, and in this stage we find it quite easy to

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the administration of an alkaline diuretic. For the radical

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partments of Tuberculosis, l^eurology. Dermatology, Heart,

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The British War Office forwarded a few weeks ago a re-

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of things sought, some existing institutions must pass away,

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ten or twelve years, has suffered for five years with constipation,

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makes siicli rapid progress that these patients must be

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ture is reduced, and what concomitant effects are produced ?

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special sedatives, with diaphoretics, and an alkaline diuretic,

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head was soon restored. The external wound healed by first inten-

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to none in our sense of the weight which these sentiments

dutas .5 mg

enlarge. As the disease proceeds, the patches of membranous

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of the ovum is inaugurated, and the original site, occupied by

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that the trade in such articles (condoms, preservatives,

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as it will be, Quinia should be administered pretty freely (from

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