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other in excess, as of potassa ; in which case, the administra-
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or alternate it with Aconite, as — 1^ Tincture Aconite gtt. v,
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bloody and later still foul smelling and offensive. In practically
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nosis, therefore, demands a prominent place in this chapter.
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years kept some famous swimming baths on the Thames,
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Post-Mortem Examination. — The scalpel reveals no con-
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and body. These need not be expensive buildings, but should
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temper is irritable, and there is great restlessness, and constant
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warmth in the stomach, and then at less frequent intervals.
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different periods of the day. Thus, a man may to-day void
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should give the saline diuretic — 1^ Acetate of Potash 5 ss,
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is better enclosed, and the maximum heat is consequently
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sity. There is also evidence of feeble venous circulation.
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marily into the two classes, periodic and continued. The first is
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The doctor in charge had injected alcohol into the region of
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the room is. below 65°, place a small napkin or towel, wrung
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Society have subscribed to a fund which is to be used in advis-
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there has been deficient elaboration of the blood, and that, in
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Symptoms. — In chronic bronchitis we have both local and
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for fibro-myomata. Of the fifteen cases two died ; one after supra-
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which the diseased portions are removed. Though partial or
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hemorrhage of the lungs, are of frequent occurrence. In
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treatment. The volume covers 500 pages and is divided into
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directed, and there is but little doubt that they will. Im-
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Thomas Franklin McGee, Azusa, Missouri M. Coll. Mo., Mar. 4/84.
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be given in mucilage, with Compound Syrup of Rhubarb, or
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tendency to this disease will be wholly removed. There are
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tion. The pleuritic combination is seldom s > severe as to
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garding the propogation of disease and its transference from person
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elevation of temperature, at the highest point, 104° to 105 c , the
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a grain of the remed}- with a grain of Capsicum every hour.
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most frequently between the ages of six and twelve.
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where the absence of sewerage had been the cause of zymotic
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