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affects the large joints, frequently the smaller ones, as of the

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attempt has been energetic enough or not. I do not share

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dence is best gained by holding out inducements of cure, as

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often loquacity, passing into delirum as the disease advances.

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still greater disorder, and the inequality of his steps renders

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is the ^Esculus Glabra. It is especially in cases where there

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and pleasantly arranged by adopting the plan which obtains

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Surgeon C. L. G. Anderson, upon being relieved, will proceed to

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draught of air. The articles of clothing are to be cut off

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should be boiled, salted, and given hot. If it can not be

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and one pair of lungs, I would consider such a monster

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quando actum conjugalem viro onanlstae permittere p)ot€st f

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of internal organs, together with oedema of mucus mem-

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tant of uric acid. (Bird.) Various means will have to be re-

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emboli that we have, probably, is the absence of pulsation

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presenting point was almost invariably near the lower edge

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portion to the cleanliness and care of a people, being severe

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consideration which may be termed chronic intermittent

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conditionally. — If there are one head and two chests, two

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attachment, had considerably coalesced, and that cystic degenera

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[towers of digestion. It is a disease of the middle-aged, and

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at the front. The nurses at these hospitals belong to the Cana-

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