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greater proportion. Obviously, therefore, the hemoglobin in the red blood

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the world deliberately to elect symphyseotomy at terra

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ganic disease actually and demonstrably existed, or was care-

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England, seems to have no effect on these triumphant uphold-

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soiled by contact with the earth. These are points of paramount

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osteomalacia should, in such cases, too, be most particularly borne in mind.

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department of the University of Buffalo. He was president of the

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membership, and submitted to the Board of Censors for consid-

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Water for Infants. — A physician of the New-York Nursery and Child's

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Eugene Martel, Revue Bibliographique, F6vrier, 1885.

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period of bad weather, that the patient often asserts that he carries in his

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cian to satisfy himself as to the possibilities of antiseptic medi-

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tesimal ; and the evidence brought to sustain it was the lack of

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In 1853 comparisons were made in Newcastle, where the mor-

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R. N. Tooker, 237 Dearborn Avenue, Chicago, 111., Chair/nan.

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instraments. His clinics and lectures at the West Side

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many cases most ably ; the many papers studiously and carefully

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England family, being the son of the Hon. John F. Hart-

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cure. It considers it unsafe, and hence unpractical, to push the

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ished ? " and "Grant's Memorial: What shall it be?" "Ouida"

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death. Owing to the limited advantages afforded by the

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at Washington, D. C. While at this post lie attended a

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unsatisfactorily in many instances, every honest physician must

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At this time (4 p.m.) the patient presented the following appear-

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The man was so panic-stricken that he rushed out of town, leav-

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of pathological processes, you will be perplexed by the implied

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the War of Secession the mortality was 847 per cent.; in

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the wealthy, in damp, cold lowlands than in a dry climate, in the damp, musty,

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peculiar hobbling and waddling gait ("like a duck") would suggest the pos-

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After three hours (when first seen by me), pale and haggard

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nosis of Cancer of the Breast" (N. Y. Med. Rec, August 7, 1897) ;

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ahead, so that more satisfactory results might be accomplished.

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America with William Penn, his close friend, in the seventeenth cen-

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