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when they cease to menstruate. The discharge of blood ol en serves the

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as to the secretion of urine the filtration theory of Ludwig and

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except that the acts of coughing if frequent and violent may occasion some

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the head against resistance. In extending the head back

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venient. Nitric acid is sometimes applied to the nostrils with a feather two

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true canse of diverting public attention from the subject. The

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Its consideration may be divided briefly into parts The

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rare for caries or necrosis to follow its use and even these

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This diagnosis shall be a clear description of the patient s

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With the exception of Stein however none of these writers luive in

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nia so great would be his fear and yet no thought of

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hospital in all things appertaining thereto observ

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be needed in attempted suicide bv cutting the throat.

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dent fact that diseases kno l to be due to certain mi

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that used these amphitheatres and this medical college un

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is perceptible which is exterior to the body of the swelled gland

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that its respectable members are ever knowingly and intentionally

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Reflexes. The patellar reflex is lost very early in the

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Cor. fabacea Persoon another European plant has small tubers which are never hollow.

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nous processes had been smoothed down by the callus. A symp

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CONTRAINDICATIONS There are no known contraindications

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Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary treating about cases at the Chicago Isolation

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surgical clinic in Munich. It includes cases of carcinoma of the breast

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particularly in the plates of abnormal pelves the fine

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be employed with some prospect of benefit in cases requiring acid

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duced by certain sounds. In such cases also inflation of the middle ear

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Read before the Ohio State Pediatric Society May and IS

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death is as follows Body of a well developed boy. Kigor mortis

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causes and hence emphysema is of common occurrence among the

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tissues this explaining the increase of weight diminution of urea ex

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impossible to obtain definite information as to the strength of the

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who is slowly honestly following along in the patholo

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filled with small individual tubercles grayish or transparent in

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ings the instrument often slipped from his fingers and was lost

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