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residing in Japan, with the result of arrest of her mental development
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the mortality of patients in the London fever hospital, during the ten
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nasal catarrh the Eustachian tubes also become involved, with produc-
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represent degenerated epithelial cells, leucocytes, or some
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muscle then behaves, in turn, as the first did, never changing into any
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attacks, and also in those cases characterized by attacks coming in
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est relatives of the deceased to send information of the death to the
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For many years past it has been my practice in these cases
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dominal muscles that constipation so frequently occurs in the
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the intima, while others, like Roth and Lowenthal, to lesions in the
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(Specimen preserved in Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Museum.)
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Geographical Society, St. Mary's Place, close to the College.
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10.6 in Croydon, 12.1 in Nottingham, 12.1 in West Ham, and l.S.o in Bristol,
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are infected. The prevalence of tuberculosis cannot be measured by
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of the hands. This sign in the hands may also be confirmatory of
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organism under penalty of producing toxic symptoms. In the case
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penetrated. The functions of joints also are chiefly mechanical, con-
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2. A lad, aged 16, who had had very extensive Necrosis of the
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found that the disjilaced fragments had not been perfectly reduced, the
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so far true diabetes is incurable, and its doom is death.
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necessary one. should in all fairness be provided for by having a certain
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7'>>*r v?c/ind great characteristic of inflammatory pain is that it is

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