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still safer by taking antiseptic precautions and insuring free

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inflammation may be removed with considerable ease, in the

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nouvel a^tj qui soit complet et normaV^ How a physician

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Treatment. — The treatment of asthma may appropriately

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death rate in the large towns. In London, for instance, with

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on a stick or on the chair which he has just left, and he starts.

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comes a narrow zone compared with its width in the new-born

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If this is so, when such material is generated within the

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fessional persons, which show the disease to be serious and

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different cases, sometimes profuse, at others scanty, but pre-

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clinical experience gives additional evidence of the value of

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are sometimes used with great advantage. Volatile agents

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divided from the umbilicus to the symphysis pubis, disclosing

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produce the characteristic vaccine disease in a single instance,

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tinued to such an extent as to allow a certain judgment of these matters,

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fibro-cyst and twenty two of cancer — with the most gratifying re-

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question penetrates into our organism. It must be acknowledged

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Rohmer did the third transplantation, which terminated as

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free patients was paid for by the Ladies' Charity Committee with

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must be quieted as much as possible, by the use of the means

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slow, next irregular and unequal, sighing, stertorous, and

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accidents, tumore, and by necessary operations, it may also

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Two drops of eserine and one drop of cocaine during the

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of normal size, color and consistency; the lumbar portion

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emancipated from the practice of masturbation : and this

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It is recommended also as an antiseptic. The dose is from

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tinued excesses, especially in the form of masturbation.

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