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May, 1887, he has seen three similar cases, whose character was
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battalions, but we mourn individually for the friends
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least, that there is no obligation on the part of the healthy
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fluttering of the heart j returning pulse. If one or more
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extremities become cold, and the patient dies before the forma-
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siently flushed; the eyes heavy and devoid of lustre, and the
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mai'isj stagnoruntj paludum^ lacnum, cisternarum ; aqua
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it nevertheless exerts its greatest effect in the central nervous
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sis is of tolerably frequent occurrence as the result of apoplexy,
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discolored, ecehymosed, softened, sometimes thickened, or
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her speech, and supplements it with frequent primitive ges-
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mended, such as aromatic masticatories, and drinks, and
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Before the article had been printed, the disease was re-
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but which, after exercise, w T as suddenly converted into a pro-

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