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any book is that the edition became soon exhausted. This was
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will be appropriate. It must not be forgotten that imperfect
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thrown over the head and shoulders to retain the steam.
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an idea of the normal changes which accompany the meno-
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the thorax during this stage of the disease, we will find that the
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course without interference saving good nursing, it will termi-
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usually of moderate size. The patient is vevy much reduced
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purpose of ridding the pharynx of the accumulating mucous,
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being found, it is a remedy whenever and wherever we find
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cian, as is likewise the prevention of consent to inordinate
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the paralysis, and its gravity and intensity. If the lumbar
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Klein states that in the blood and tissues of scarlatinal pa-
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severe, following with fomentations of Lobelia. The extrem-
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there is some pain in the back and limbs during this stage of
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are from the leading medical colleges in America. They have
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Hence the importance of means for removing congestion of
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death when the life has been so far impaired that the tissue
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Case 10. Operated upon by request of Dr. Winterberg, who
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water ,>iv ; a teaspoonful every one or two hours.
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ficiency of this salt; hence the Bicarbonate and Sulphite are
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and this by profuse perspiration. The rigor happens some-
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There is still another form of albuminuria, to which brief
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phobia, nor has anyone of them since died of that disease. Thus,,
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hemorrhage. The first duty is to ascertain if a local cause is pre-
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poultice, and allow of as little movement as possible.
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careful hi-manual examination of the uterus and adnexa has
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is in the water, he should not remain inactive, but apply
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easily as by the veins of Tenon's capsule, which are imbedded
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eases is generally possible, even in the last stage. But in
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infective. The secretion of theso ulcers Dr. Klien found to be infec-
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use of Opium with, a stimulant as an enema. The form I
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3ve'n though the symptoms may be grave, the patient may
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upon this subject, even at the time before us, that an inoculator
the blood. 4th. Morbid material introduced into the blood
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losis of the left apex and the presence of the bacilli in the sputa
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minutes. This sleep is of variable duration, and is easily inter-
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Phytolacca is a remedy when there is enlargement of lym-
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Immediately upon the introduction of the tube the breathing
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has always been present when extraordinary efforts have been
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fortune, whilst failure in a single instance is liable to lead
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and flabby. In severe cases, the disease is complicated with
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ficient to determine their character ; the physical signs being 1
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that it frequently occurs in persons who do not present any
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its epithelium raised in portions, at othcu points detached.
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May 13th, 1885, after taking the necessary antiseptic precautions
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iting, abdominal pain. Two days later the patient was convalescent.
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Jn internal emphysema, a tonic aud supporting treatment
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obscure. The function of the organ is not very well under-
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and become flaccid : the surface assumes a dirty hue, and an
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by the Church's precept to remind patients, in time, of the

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