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tention. I have lately discarded the sulphuretted hydrog

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must be kept from being wetted, especially if the boards

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this statement is sufficient guarantee that the object will be at-

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of Aconite or Veratrum, or both ; in a later stage, a solution

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the colon, a dysentery may be excited that greatly increases

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ease. The rheumatic wrong of the blood, though less severe,

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joint injuries. It is true I have but briefly reported a few in-

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ear, and is the physical sign of pneumonia in the stage of en-

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Noah's Ark for our boys at Salisbury, for the flood

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fused rumbling sound, resembling the to-and-fro sound in pleu-

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Quinine Inunction. It is in these unpleasant eases that we

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cious, bowels constipated or irregular, skin and kidneys fail

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a pulse ranging from 110-115 to 130-140. It is evident, there-

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without exciting the patient's suspicions, and when the clue is

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backward. In severe attacks, the pain is intense, darting,

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Glauber's salt eight parts, water sixteen parts. If ice or

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utes, a female child was born, which, when respiration was

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altered. Rabies thus transmitted by inoculation may, similarly, be

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* It is probable that impregnation is effected mostly in the Fallopiau tube,

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typhoid, for it is rarely seen in this country, except on the

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structive paper by Drs. W. Allan Jamieson and Alexander Edg-

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when retrograde metamorphosis is manifestly deficient. If the

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passage tolerably straight or simple. The bone is hard, brittle,

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long, bridle-like adhesions, at others, close, like short areolar

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increases for two or three days and the illusions are constant

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