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excluded), and, perhaps, on the shoulders and arms ;
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brane and prepares the way for infection, but it is the repeated in-
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other all the tubes were fertile. The black radish also gave
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reliable than any artificial aid. It is not a stethoscope, but
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put the patient upon the use of the Extract of Nux Vomica,
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opinion that the operation, in the case he described, had precipi-
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the urines of digestion, and neutral or alkaline from the
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Symptoms. — Yellow fever may be divided into three stages,
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The reader is referred to a study of coughs and its reme-
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Hon. Physician, St. Pancras and ^N'orthern Dispensary.
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a cold room. Besides the means to induce respiration, the
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cases, however, which have come under my notice, the goitre
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flammation, with marked constitutional disturbance. As
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would gradually pass back until it involved the entire mucous
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as the treatment of a case where there was no special indica-
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seemed to reach the vertebrae. The patient was discharged cured at
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local irritation of the gastro-intestinal tract, and, in part,
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marked fullness of the superficial veins, and evident impairment
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degree. If extensive, impairing the functions of the anal
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quent short cough, and increased warmth and moisture of the
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Though in many instances we may remove fibroids without
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bending of the elbow and hip-joint, by which the trunks of
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a number of stings it should be applied to every one of them,
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better agent, there are very many cases in which chloroform
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effected; and St. Alphonse, indeed, does not believe in it,
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The apparatus as used by Bergeon is one devised by his

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