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ciation, which was held at the Academy of Medicine in this city on

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Whilst on the subject of baptism, I must not omit to

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pelvis, and improve nutrition. 3d. To get rid of the change

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in the kidneys, and which are wholly inexplicable until

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to be a very unusual thing, the hair of dermoid cysts being usually

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nary astringents, which are permissible in atonic diarrhoea,

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in an increased force of the heart's contraction, manifest by a

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valuable addition to this. In one bad ease I administered this

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Academy of Medicine. Those present at the dinner attended the

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face become the index of the patient's danger. It also tells

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Palliative Treatment. — Lobelia is considered by all schools

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In some the redness is light, and the inflammation is ery-

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generative organs was suspected. On careful examination

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my friend, Dr. Milton L. Thomas, and from its action in the

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Pasteur has greatly modified it, and even in this modified form

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and evidences of inflammation upon examining the abdomen.

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slightly increased, with tendency to coldness of the extremi-

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and that called for a special prescription, whether it be baths,

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cessation of menstruation. From these observations the author

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gnawing, tensive or lancinating. It is not usually constant as

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gard the man sick from an expensive debauch with exactly the same

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Acute inflammation is said to be characterized by an acute

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