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It may effect quite vounsr children, as we mav see Diseases

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nized, though I can recall the time when the sick were never

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not abated, the skin being intensely hot, I used the cold, wet

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prove sufficient. In these simple cases I prefer the use of a cold

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tion, sometimes several parts being affected at the same time,

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bronchitis, which will continue after the original disease has

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I do not believe one is in a condition to think correctly of it,

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with well marked dyspeptic symptoms. The secretions are

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the trenches, to which stretcher-bearers carry the wounded as

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cramps of the extremities, and of the abdominal walls.

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intact. Apart from the unskilful use of instruments, there

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I suppose none of us would hold that there can be any change

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for the obstetrician. He believed that support, when prop-

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treatment will have to be varied according to the complica-

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placenta previa, when the os will admit two fingers and the

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hand. But a temporary contrivance can be readily made.

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but this would be indefinite, and some Lave no principles in

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ficial means, and fully charged with all their gases and other

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patients themselves. In the past six years he had seen three

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middle or inferior lobes, rather than in the apex of the lung- ;

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Ogston, Professor of Surgery in the University of Aberdeen

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be employed during convalescence. The simple means first

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then directly injected into the womb. Sims asserts that

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heart, and dizziness. The appetite becomes variable, some-

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as a specific for small-pox, frequently aborting the disease.

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pseudo-membranous croup, and has proven much more success-

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We find some patients who cannot use a gargle to advan-

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employment of the purest material for its production, and the use of

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March, M. Pasteur inoculated 509 persons bitten by animals proved

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its progress from the 7th to the 14th days; it will fail in those

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