Contiflo D Medicine

a viscid matter that gives well crystalized salts numerously applied

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two years old the proportion of the first would be as follows :

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injury, where normal relations are preserved. If it be neces-

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of Brantford, is a brother, and Miss Xellie Britton, of Brant-

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of irritation and determination of blood. In both food can

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according to the part affected. In some cases it is hardly

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case the material being unchanged, not dirty or discolored, as

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In 1^ there seems to occur a little contradiction. It is

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extremely severe, in others there is nothing but a sense of

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Hard to digest are: cooked beef, pork, all sausages,

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have not yet undergone adamantine evolution and the papillae of

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bowels and liver, which, In a large majority of cases, is an

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certain Karl H. Ulrich has dared to maintain such a pro-

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disease in the monkey and can be recovered and passed on to

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family history, (2) personal history, and {3) present personal

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Large numbers of friends and relatives attended the funeral of

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children, and, in the other, all the children (seven), were

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years of treatment in which the symptoms justify such a serious

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thrombosis of the Sylvian artery would be the most likely

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diate relief in two paroxysms. Tincture of G-elseminum has

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intellectual paralysis, etc. At other times there are scotomata,

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those principles which should influence the constituency are

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the prsecordia, two sounds are heard. The first is synchro-

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atropisation, leaving slight uvea ; vitreous hazy ; distinct neuro-

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should care be used not to excite expectant attention in the patient by secret

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failures in accommodation, but I believe a careful study of these

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these are lesions occurring daring apoplexy, the palsy maiii


pose. The local applications maybe the same as in the prece-

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