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upon the use of some special article of albuminous food,

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to the usual little furrow that is seen around the newly pierced tooth.

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ease which I have never seen, and I can only say that what I

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mild form, while in others it will be more or less malignant.

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and restless, the pain in the head increases, there is intolerance

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paralysis already named. Local paralysis may occasionally

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informed by the persons around the patient, but especially

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my practice, with the most marked success, sometimes using

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It is a serious error to draw the perinasum forward. In

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J. M. Mathewson, Oakland; M. Dep. Univ. Cal., Nov. 10, '82.

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attached to the Army Medical Corps. The base and field hos-

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Temperature.— The range of temperature in this form of

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seventy hours we will find the pulse reduced to nearly a nor-

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experiments on animal membranes, held that the remitting

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water. He adds that it is possible to add to a 3 per cent, aqueous

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Toronto. Wishing to begin his special practice feeling that he

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fur a considerable period after the paralysis is marked, and

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with frequent stuffing up in the nose, nasal voice, and a con-

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Symptoms. — Lead colic commences with an obscure pain in

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employed thoroughly, and though they may have so mitigated

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Treatment. — When the difficulty has not gone too far, we

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patients safely through the present attack, they will inevita-

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has evidently had some doubts as to the standard of

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