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me as in the Lung . Thou] popular notion that consumption

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tion with the nerves, electricity or heat, when generated in the lungs, is quickly

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In the active cases the first indication is to remove any

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" The mere impairment or limitation of the accommodation of the

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and as this increased, in the middle of the night she had a quarter of a

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existed in connection with an intervertebral cartilage just below the

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below the average, a reduction of one-twelfth. Moreover, in

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and is not normally used in walking. The patient is, however,

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of 3 to 4 Uters of milk from which the whey has been taken off,

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Bubcutimeous injection of so small a dose as 0*050 of a gramme. In

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sage through the nose: whereas, if you breathe through an inhaling tube into the


of had been rhenmatic), were the cardiac sonnds interfered with^

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In the healthy person mim'mal variations occur in the quan-

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prices for food in eveiy part of the land ; and such vast numbers of

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Parliament, and, if need be, by deputations to Her Majesty's

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peculiar to old people, troublesome from the itching it excites, and sometimes dan-

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7. Papers on the Value of the Ophthalmoscope to the Physician.

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gion have, as a rule, signally failed of success; and every oph-

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The Clinical Lectures and Reports by the Af edioal and Sur-

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action is concerned, but whose virtue is propped up by the prostitution of others, it

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was of a bright ochre yellow colour ; many of the hepatic cells were in

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them that these apparent caprices are as real as any other forms of disease, and that

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segments of the smooth muscular fibres are nothing else than

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jected — the eczema was entirely cleared and there had been

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1 have seldom treated a i mption but that the patient has began to

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the arrival of the allied fleett there. Throughout 1865, the disease existed in

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